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“How or with which equipment a photo is made is not interesting. It’s all about catching the atmosphere or emotion in a split second.’’
Nico Brons’ application to Fotoacademie Amsterdam in 2011 was not planned. He was 54 at the time. After working in IT for years he suddenly found himself at home facing a severe disease. A dark and troubling period until he realised that he needed to be in the driver’s seat. Nico made an impulsive decision and registered for Fotoacademie Amsterdam.

In 2013 he was the first to graduate with images taken by Iphone. A daring project in the conservative world of photography. As a passionate photographer, Nico has specialised in portaits, interior photography, festival and concert registration and documentary work. His intuition leads him towards the photos. “Getting touched through the lens, I’m alert for the moment. It’s all about picturing the emotion at the right time.’’ Nico’s work demonstrates excellent composition and his portraits are “close to the bone”.

As the result of an accident, he can only see with one eye. He believes this is a benefit as he states, “I don’t have to translate the 3D reality into a 2D picture. I don’t see depth, so I already have a 2D view on the world.’’
In a short time Nico has gained acknowledgement in Europe and overseas with his photography. His IphoneArt had been exhibited in New York, Los Angeles, Melbourne and Toronto.

“The endless applications of a smartphone give me all the freedom and opportunities to create images straight from my imagination. Sometimes dark, sometimes controversial, sometimes with a slight sense of humor. Images that blur boundaries between photography and art.’’